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Webinar Summary - Integrating CX AND UX for the Ultimate Advantage

07/27/2022 9:27 AM | Anonymous

View The Webinar Recording Here

The terms Customer Experience and User Experience are sometimes used interchangeably and may even be confusing for some. Last week we sat down with Arnie Guha and Andreas Noe, both partners at Market Research and Consulting firm Phase 5.  We asked them to help us understand these concepts and explore their philosophy that, when CX and UX are managed holistically, the synergies, opportunities and insights developed will create the ultimate competitive advantage. 

Our discussion explored the understanding of CX and UX and how organizations must work with them to fully leverage the power of an integrated approach.

Why is it Important that organizations integrate their CX and UX understanding?

According to Arnie Guha, “CX looks at the person in total, and the relationship between that person and the brand across any number of channels” Arnie further explains that “UX defines the person by the relationship or interface they have with the particular tool/channel that they are using. UX focusses on a specific channel, which is typically digital but does not have to be.”  

Andreas Noe explains that when working with CX and UX, it is essential to be clear about the ecosystem that organizations use to define the customer. Some systems could be complex where the user, customer and payer are different people with different needs and motivations. In contrast, other systems are more straightforward, where the customer, user and payer are the same and driven by the same motivations. 

“What’s really important is that we have to be able to align all these things however they are defined in that ecosystem, and today that point of alignment is much more around journeys” says Andreas.

Understanding the ecosystem and how it works allows Phase 5 to better understand whether someone is a user, customer or payer. Phase 5 can do this by looking at the journey someone makes through the ecosystem and defining the user or customer experience in the context of those journeys. 

The integration of CX and UX for Phase 5 is about how far they zoom into the journey to investigate. They may need to focus on a specific application/tool or broader to focus on a particular type of journey or what the customer is doing at specific moments throughout their journey.

So ultimately, it is about developing insights relevant to the journey being investigated and the label of user or customer is only needed to give context to how the insight is leveraged.

This approach has allowed Phase 5 to work with a broad group of their client organizations' stakeholders and discuss the implications of the insights that have been discovered and the resulting actions that must be leveraged to deliver a competitive advantage. The Phase 5 team calls this the ‘Smarter Together’ approach.


What should organizations do to leverage an integrated CX and UX approach?

Phase 5 has summarized a top ten list of actions that all organizations should implement if they are looking to integrate their UX and CX understanding and leverage the resulting insights for growth.

  • Be the steward of truth for all things about the customer and the user – hold the rest of the organization accountable. Be their champion.
  • Prioritize where you will focus your efforts – seek to drive value on things that matter most to customers / users.
  • Drop the we/they mentality. The other team has something to offer – you, and the internal stakeholders you are trying to support. You will end up working more and more together in the future.
  • Collaborate with each other, and many others – be smarter together.
  • Find ways to do everything faster. 
  • 80/20 rule – you do not need to uncover every insight to move forward.
  • Become storytellers on insights, and build that body of knowledge over time (not one book, but a whole series). 
  • Stop hoarding or withholding intelligence about customers and users – socialize it, over and over and over.
  • If you cannot get to an action, stop talking – you have nothing to say that anyone wants to hear or needs to hear.
  • Take a risk to try something different, and accept that there are different ways/ lenses to examine a problem or opportunity. Be open-minded.

The overall message from our discussion with the team from Phase 5 was that working holistically and across the CX and UX silos allows organizations to identify more impactful insights that can then be leveraged to deliver a lasting competitive advantage. 

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